About me

Me at the beginning of SCM

Me at the beginning of SCM

Around a year ago, I started treatment specifically for people with Borderline Personlity Disorder. That treatment is known as Structured Clinical Management (SCM), and the trust’s Personality Disorder service were providing it.

My new CPN at the time introduced the idea of SCM to me, and though I really didn’t want to do it, I HAD to. Because, the dreaded “D” word had been mentioned, and I was simply not ready for discharge. So I agreed, but inside remember thinking “I’m not going to bother with it, it won’t make much difference”.

12 months on, I’m glad I did agree to it. And part of my blog is about telling you about my journey through treatment for mental health issues. I want to share with you how I now understand my illness, and try to explain it in layman’s terms to help others understand it clearer.

My life, after always feeling so difficult and daunting, has recently become happier and a lot more positive, thanks to a lot of other things too; including family/friends support, pets, healthier relationships etc. More importantly, by things I have done to help myself. Things that might sound so simple that once tortured my mind.

So read on to find out more and enjoy.

K x

One thought on “About me

  1. Anne says:

    Dear Kerri nugget loves you to bits .sits in the rain waiting for you .now that is love .you know who we are xxxxc

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