Humour and mental health: cause & effect

I’ve always firmly believed in the power of humour and the effect a good sense of humour has on mental health in everybody. But more recently I’ve questionned whether humour is partly causal of positive attitudes or if a healthier mind causes a better sense of humour.

The reason I’ve been asking myself this, is, and without wanting to sound big-headed, I feel like I’ve laughed more the past year than I have in my whole lifetime. Not just at general things, I’m actually really making myself laugh. It seems like since my depression has lifted and my life has improved, my ‘true’ personality is coming out (no pun intended with the ‘coming out’ remark haha). I feel like I’m finding myself all over again. And a huge part of my personality loves to make myself and other people laugh. I have to admit, at times I am so funny it’s stupid! 

I’ve asked people to try to explain my humour to me. I often get feedback including the words ‘quick’ and ‘witty’. I tell you what I don’t feel ‘quick’ but I do surprise myself with the speed of my hilarious responses to people in everyday conversation. Of course only when it’s appropriate! At first I thought my humour was more apparent because I was feeling less depressed and better about life, and still think to an extent that’s right. But I feel more like the depression was a blanket that covered me and my personality. Since it’s been lifted off, the real me is finally here. I’m allowing myself to feel the positive feelings now! And it feels good! 

So has humour helped me to get rid of that depression, or has the humour been ‘uncovered’ since the depression blanket was lifted? 

I wonder! ☺️

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