Moments of clarity; when that mist disappears

Recently, over the past few months, I’ve been having these very strange moments of sudden clarity. Similar to a light-bulb moment; where suddenly & randomly, something makes perfect sense. Or a realisation about myself or a situation suddenly pops into my head. Things like “Oh so that’s why I used to do that” or “Wow I’d never even realised this until now”. And I’ve gotta say, these moments are very strange to me. I don’t know if other people have them, or if some people have them and some don’t, but what the hell is it all about?

I’ve also noticed a pattern as to when these moments happen, which is great because maybe I can encourage them to happen more often? (You see, that last sentence was a sort of light bulb moment, but not a major one). Once I’d typed the word ‘pattern’ I knew straight away I could try doing more of that pattern to see if it helps me have these random thoughts more frequently. The only problem is, random ones like this one make my mind go a bit foggy again. The moment of clarity doesn’t last for long, and it’s important that I think of an idea right now before my brain stops working again. So I’m going to talk you through what goes on in my head right now as I think up an idea.

Patterns I’ve noticed: I’m usually writing, showering or in bed when I have these moments. Though they can occur anytime. Most of the times I have them, it’s in the evening or at night when I’m struggling to sleep. Though they have happened during the day. Other things I’ve noticed are I feel relaxed, at ease and content. I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment of clarity when I’m angry or upset about something. Which makes sense as to ‘when’ these things happen; I feel relaxed when I’m lay in bed, in the shower or writing. I’m doing most of those things during the evenings, which also makes sense as to why they happen then. Have I lost you yet? ‘cos I’m really losing myself now. There’s also something there about internal dialogue; I’m usually wondering about something when it suddenly ‘clicks’ and makes sense. But the realisation is only occuring like after a million times of thinking and wondering about it. So how can I get those ‘realisation moments’ to happen sooner and more often? Is it possible to do that? Or do things happen in their own time?

Brain’s gone to bed. It’s tired out!

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