Confidence building: developing helpful & effective ways of coping

I kinda got out of the habit of blogging and have to say, I have missed it. I guess life has just been getting in the way. Plus being out of therapy for the last 16 months or so, has meant I am exploring my own stuff less than I was. That, by all means, has not impacted negatively on me; if anything it has helped me learn to stand on my own 2 feet. 

Once I had been discharged in March 2016, after 10 years of being in mental health services, I kept half expecting myself to have a big melt down. I had no confidence in my own ability to manage what my life could throw at me, and I believed the slightest amount of stress would send me on a downward spiral. Luckily, a strong support network, time and experiences have helped me develop my self-belief and confidence. It isn’t always easy or fun to learn new things about myself although the more revelations I have, the more exciting the future seems. 

Equally, however, not every day in the last 12 months has been easy. Unexpected and quick deterioration in my physical health has brought along new challenges. I am still adjusting and find it incredibly difficult most days but I have a determination and motivation to not be beaten down. Hopefully my next post won’t take forever. Nice to be back 😊

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