Did getting a dog save my life? Unconditional puppy love.

I do not usually remember dates all that well. I never really have. My concept of time is shocking at times. But, one date I do remember, is 13th March 2015. On this day, Milo my Cavalier King Charles was born. He was 2 weeks old when I went to see the puppies and their mum and dad. Milo was the first puppy I held. He was so small compared to his 2 sisters and brother. He was a clear runt; the odd one; different; overlooked. Well not by me. I held and snuggled all 4 pups and knew after meeting Holly and Alfie (and their own pet humans) that I wanted the runt. I visited him agin at 4 weeks, 6 weeks and then excitedly brought him home at 8 weeks. He was the most adorable, playful, snuggly little thing and everything he did was cute. And what of toilet training with him? He was quite good and picked it up pretty quickly (thankfully). He demanded so much attention sometimes, just like all puppies. He wanted to play, or he wanted a cuddle, or he wanted to go out and he kept me right on my toes. But he’s the best thing that I ever did. He has forced me in a way, to become more responsible. I haven’t been in hospital once since I got him. It wasn’t that straight-forward any more. I had this fluffy little thing depending on me to survive. I had to find other ways of coping that would enable me to stay quite stable. Two years on and STILL almost everything he does is cute. Because when I look at him gazing up at me, wiggly bum and waggly tail, I realise that I love him so much. We have a very special bond and he is so unbelievably clever when he wants to be, or if there’s a food reward offered 🙄

I guess it’s possible he did save my life. I had to stop myself from getting so low that the suicial ideation kicked in, because I couldn’t kill myself and leave this beautiful creature who loves me unconditionally ❤ and he also made it very difficult for me to want to self-harm; not something I’d like to do with those big brown eyes staring innocently up at me.

This photo that Bex took today completely sums up the relationship between Milo and Me. 

Tomorrow I shall write about Flossie; my second dog. And then the day after, Maia’s turn! 3 dogs. 3 special bonds, each unique. 

If you have pets, just look at them every now and then to remind yourself of how much they love you. ‘Cos they really do! ❤

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